My orthopedist remarked on my speedy recovery

I want to thank Karen Borla for her excellent work as an acupuncturist. She provided me with effective treatments to my upper torso after having been involved in a car accident. Her awareness of treatment modalities and herbal remedies greatly increased my healing from a situation that would have caused many months of traditional medical care and untold effects on my ability to use my right arm fully.

My orthopedist remarked on my speedy recovery and stated that he was not sure that I was going to regain full use of my arm, which I was able to do with Karen’s intervention. I strongly recommend her for her knowledge, work and ability to connect with people in the most sensitive caring way.

Boston, Mass.

Karen at Quan Yin Arts is phenomenal

Karen at Quan Yin Arts is phenomenal. I have had TMJ (a jaw disorder that causes pain and headaches) for my whole life. On a daily basis, I was having frequent headaches and pain. With each week of acupuncture, the relief lasted longer and longer. I no longer get headaches and very seldom have painful tightness in the jaw muscle. I will continue to see Karen for preventative acupuncture because the process is so relaxing. I look forward to the treatments!

West Hartford, Conn.

Acupuncture was the perfect complement to physical therapy

I came to Quan Yin Healing Arts after trying many different treatments for debilitating tension headaches. Acupuncture was the perfect complement to the physical therapy, massage and medication I was using without obtaining much relief. After the first treatment the headache frequency lessened and within several treatments, the headaches were well managed.

I have continued to get acupuncture for almost 4 years for headache relief (they are almost non-existent now) and I have found that acupuncture has allowed me to manage my physical and emotional health beyond my initial reason for seeking out acupuncture. Each time I meet with Karen for a treatment she takes time to listen to my words and evaluate my physical health to personalize the treatment to my individual need that week whether it be to release stress or boost my immunity to combat an oncoming cold.

Additionally, Karen’s compassionate treatment helped me tremendously when I lost my husband (also a patient of Karen’s) to cancer 3 years ago. Her treatments allowed me to quiet my mind and find peace during a time of tremendous grief and sadness. Karen has an amazing ability to combine spirituality within her acupuncture practice which allows for true healing from within.

I have found that acupuncture is consistently one of the best gifts I can give myself to maintain balance, good health and productivity. Karen’s acupuncture knowledge and expertise is unparalleled and I would recommend her to anyone looking to integrate acupuncture into their medical treatment.

West Hartford, Conn.